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Client Brief Form

  • Q 1 Who are the principal audiences with whom you want to communicate?

  • Q 2 A - Prioritize the audiences

  • Q 2 B - Prioritize the audiences

  • Q3 What are your expectations/objective in creating this site?

  • Q4 What specific functional requirements do the key stakeholders want to include in this site?

  • Q5 Any site you will like us to use as a reference while creating your website?

  • Q.6 What impression do you want the user to have upon exiting the Website?

  • Q.7 Does the individual need certain areas of the site to be secure (e.g., entering financial and personal data)?

  • Q.8 Describe the look and design of your website in five or more adjectives

  • Q.9 Do you need the content for the website to created or Will you be providing the content?

  • Q.10 List of mandatory things to include (e.g. logo / certain important facts/text)

  • Q.11 Budget & Delivery timescale:

  • Q.12 Tentative Launch Date:




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