We  are  an  INS  Accredited, 

full-service  advertising  agency  with  razor-edge  sharpness.

Who we are

Shaping up an idea into a concept to generate powerful and measurable results has been RGA’ s forte for over 23 years.

what we do

Integrating and coordinating all advertising and promotional tools in such a way that the effect of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

how we do

Our multi-dimensional approach, supported by advanced technology, ensures that the solutions we architect for our clients are built in the most productive and cost-effective manner.

Our Work Process

We follow a step-by-step advertising and marketing process to generate best results for our clients in terms of visibility and recall value.
Step 1


On taking a direct brief from the client about the product or service to be advertised, our team underlines the message that needs to be delivered to the audience.

Step 2


This step involves finding out the market behaviour, gaining in-depth knowledge of the tools of advertising and marketing being used by the competitors, what is the target audience, availability of resources needed in the process, etc.

Step 3

Media Selection

Once the target audience has been ascertained, our team selects the appropriate media for advertising so that the client’s message successfully reaches the target audience.
Step 4

Setting the Budget

Based on the first 3 steps the advertising and marketing budget is planned for the client.
Step 5

Designing & Releasing Ads

The creative team then designs the ads based on the client brief and the market research. After careful re-examination the final ads are released in the market with perfect placement and perfect timing.
Step 6

Performance Evaluation

The final step is to evaluate the performance of the ad in terms of response from the customers, whether it has reached the target audience, was it able to compete with the other players, etc. Each point is carefully studied before taking the ad campaign on to its next phase.

Why Choose us?

To be able to turn an idea into reality involves a whole lot of market research. Our proficient research and development team conducts detailed research to understand the brand and its target audience. This helps to optimize the campaign before going into production. This involves three routes which are: concept research, theme research and copy research
Our creative team truly understands the impact a good design has in reaching out to the potential customers. Our designs clearly bring out the brand’s value proposition and raises its visibility. Every piece of creativity we release from blog posts to print, radio or TV ads is aligned with the brand’s core messaging.
Our client servicing team guides the campaign-building process. They not only connect the agency’s creative team efforts with the advertiser’s needs but are problem solvers who analyse markets and help clients develop business goals for their goods and services.
An ad campaign is only as effective as the revenue or consumer response it generates. Our proficient media and creative teams put their heads together to draw out a balanced media strategy across multiple platforms; such that the client’s brand story reaches its target audience.

Our creative team keeps abreast with the ongoing trends in the market. They come up with innovative ideas to put across the client’s message in the most powerful and visually interesting manner.

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